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If you have a "CAMIL Account", meaning a formerly networked home folder, your data from that account is still preserved on the CAMIL file server. You can access, add, modify, or delete files stored in your CAMIL account on the CAMIL file server from anywhere, including the newly re-imaged CAMIL client workstations, using SMB or AFP (Apple Filing Protocol). You can also use your CAMIL account as a dropbox to move files from one CAMIL workstation to another.

At this time, it is not possible to remotely access files stored locally on the CAMIL client workstations -- any files you wish to access remotely must be in your CAMIL account on the CAMIL file server.

Note that as of October 31st, 2015, the address of the CAMIL file server has changed. The address is now

Note that as of May 19th, 2015, you can only log in to your CAMIL account from an on-campus IP address.

You may still use AFP or SMB from off-campus by using the UIUC VPN.

Refer to for information about installing and using the VPN.

How to Access your CAMIL Account via AFP or SMB (Mac only)

1. In Finder, Press Command-K or select Go -> Connect to Server...

2. Enter:

3. When prompted, enter your CAMIL account username and password (Note: This may be different from your NetID and Active Directory credentials.)

4. You will be prompted with a selection of possible folders to mount. Your username folder is your home folder.

5. Once the volume is mounted, you can treat it like any other volume mounted your computer and copy files to and from the volume.