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Welcome to the CAMIL wiki! If you need help, contact the assistant administrator.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: On Saturday, October 10th, from approximately 9pm-12am, the CAMIL server will upgraded. User accounts and websites hosted on the CAMIL server may be temporarily unavailable. Everything should be up again by 12am.


CAMIL (Computer Assisted Music Instruction Laboratory) is located at the School of Music at the University of Illinois. It contains two independent, multi-disciplinary computer labs. CAMIL I is a special-purpose lab supporting computer music classes and independent research projects in software sound synthesis, computer-based composition and interactive performance control. It is only accessible to students and faculty with an activated i-Card. CAMIL II is a general-purpose lab supporting technology-related classes. It is open to all Illinois students, faculty and staff on a walk-in basis during open hours. Faculty may request use of CAMIL II for a lecture or class by contacting the assistant administrator.

Visitors to the lab may use the Guest Account log in option. To register for a permanent account with backed-up dynamic-quota storage and remote-access, contact the assistant administrator.


Room Schedules


Illinois Software

Commercial Software

Open Source Software

All machines are currently running Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.


  • Sibelius 6 — Sibelius 6 is now available for free to School of Music students via the CAMIL Sibelius Server. The software can be easily checked out on student laptops for up to 30 days at a time. Go to the Sibelius page for more information.
  • Recording — CAMIL I has recording equipment available for checkout. An 8-channel phantom-powered DAW is built-in to the rack with a breakout box that allows easy multichannel access to the center of the room. See the Recording page for more information.
  • New Domain Name — We have transitioned to, and is no longer active.
  • Computers — As of September 2014, there are 37 iMacs running OSX 10.9 Mavericks. The machines in CAMIL I and the server are owned by the School of Music. The machines in CAMIL II are owned by FAA. The lab is on a three-year refresh plan in which new machines are purchased for the labs. The displaced machines are then given to staff and faculty within the department.
  • Audio Renovation — As of August 2012, a complete audio overhaul was done in CAMIL I aimed at increasing access and quality of audio in the room. All audio is now digital and is mixed without the use of a patching console.
  • Networking — Ethernet service is 100Mbps for stations in CAMIL I, 1 Gbps in CAMIL II, and 1 Gbps for the server. Wireless internet service is available in both labs.
  • Lab Construction — The CAMIL labs were designed from the ground up to specifically support School of Music instruction and music-related activities. They are comfortable, well-lit, acoustically neutral workspaces furnished with the highest quality materials, furniture and equipment.
  • Web and File Server — The web and file server has been upgraded to a 2 TB RAID disk array providing ample and reliable soft-quota storage for hundreds of CAMIL users' documents, audio, and video.
  • Backup — Incremental retrospective backup of user accounts occurs nightly. In addition, lab machines are synchronized bit-for-bit each night to ensure that each machine will behave identically to its neighbor, and to guarantee that what the teacher sees is what the student will see.
  • Access and Security — CAMIL I and II have specially designed acoustic doors. The door to CAMIL I is locked at all times; the door to CAMIL II is unlocked during open lab times and locked during closed times. When the doors are locked, access to the rooms is only possible for specially activated i-Cards. The card reader in the door handle automatically logs the card number and time of day that the door is opened. Additionally, CAMIL II is protected by a motion sensor and CAMIL I by a monitored fiber-optical cable.


Academic Responsibilities