Grani+ by Kurt Werner

What is Grani+ ?

Grani+ is an extension to Grani (granular synthesis by prof. Fernando Lopez-Lezcano) for Common Music providing complete algorithmic control over the parameter envelopes. Grani+ was developed by Kurt Werner in Fall 2010. I hope that you will find Grani+ to be an exciting, useful, and creatively fertile addition to your sonic arsenal.

Grani+ In Action! - Audio examples using Grani+, and a Composer's Forum presentation on Grani+

Design Intent:

Grani+ allows full algorithmic control of all of the standard Grani parameters. Grani+ allows you to replace any envelope+spread parameter (grain-envelope, grain-duration, srate, grain-start, reverb-amount, grain-distance, grain-degree) with your own Scheme or Sal functions, to allow per-grain algorithmic control beyond "spray-paint". These function have access to the time-ratio (start position of each grain in the note) by default and can be passed arbitrary arguments. Additional grain envelopes have been enabled - you can control srate, grain-degree, grain-distance, and reverb-amount over the length of an indivudal grain (just like grain-amplitude). Parameter linkage enables interdependency between parameters. Grani+ is backwards compatible with Grani, any parameters that don't have a specified function associated with them will revert to default Grani behavior.

Explanation of new key parameters

How to use Grani+?


Grani+ - source code (graniplus.scm)
Tutorials and Examples - .sal, .sal2, and .scm versions plus input soundfiles


Thank you for your interest in Grani+. Please contact me at for questions, support, to give feeback, etc.


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Grani by Fernando Lopez-Lezcano

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