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I am currently a doctoral student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I study music composition. I typically find slow music not so interesting, so most of my music tends to be very rhythmic and energetic. I also make music with the assistance of a computer.


Life at the University of Illinois is full of opportunities and fun. I've been a teaching assistant, teaching music theory and aural skills since I arrived in Urbana. I am also the system administrator of a computer music lab, Computer Music Project, and a research assistant developing computer software. Besides taking classes and working, I am also a member of UI Steel Band and UI Gamelan Ensemble and perform constantly. In addition to being a instrumentalist, I also conduct. I'm the artistic director of a new music chamber group, TV Buddha. This group is founded in 2010 and has actively performed new music in Champaign-Urbana Area.



1-225-364-9256 (USA)

886-986-299-987 (Taiwan)

886-2-2906-9041 (Taiwan)

812 W Main st. #2, Urbana IL 61801














University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

May 2008 - present


Doctor of Music Art in Music Composition



University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Aug 2006 - May 2008


Master of Music in Music Composition



National Taiwan Normal University

Aug 2005 - May 2006


Master of Music in Music composition

Left for UIUC before finished


Catholic Fu-Jen University

Sep 1999 - June 2003

Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance

High School Music Education Non-Degree Program










University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


May 2010 - present


Administrator - Computer Music Project


Sep 2009 - present



Research Assistant - Software Development

(Chorale Composer and DISSCO)


Dec 2008 - May 2009



Administration Assistant -

Computer Assisted Music Instruction Lab (CAMIL)


Aug 2006 - present

Teaching Assistant - Music Theory and Aural Skills




Taipei Yuehfu Drum and Bugle Corps


Dec 2005 - Aug 2006


Program Coordinator


2004 - Aug 2006


Music Composer / Arranger


Aug 2002 - May 2003


Percussion Instructor


Aug 1999 - Feb 2000
Project Coordinator




Symphony Orchestra of Ministry


national Defense



Nov 2003 - Mar 2005


Music Arranger / Music Score Manager


Sep 2003 - Mar 2005







Instructor of percussion section in student-based wind bands and orchestras. Schools taught at include Chien-Kun Senior High School (8 years), Ching-Mei Girls' Senior high School (2 years), lin-Kuo Junior HS, Hualien Girls' SHS, Tai-chung Girls' SHS, Chang-Gung University, Taipei Medical University, Shih-Hsin University, and many others.


Tutor of Music Theory and Aural Skills from 2004 to Aug 2006.










Jun. 2011

Invited by a music composition professor of National Taiwan Normal University, Hope Lee, and held an one-week-long jMusic&Algorithmic Music Composition Workshop in Taipei, Taiwan.


Nov. 2010

Marimba solo piece Pure Black was performed in Percussive Arts Society International Convension 2010 by She-e Wu.


Aug. 2010

Marimba - Cello duo Numerical Difficilties won the second place in Percussive Arts Society 2010 composition competition.


Jan.13 2010

Uncompression, A Sun Without Heat, and Evolutionality are performed by Sonare Symphony Orchestra in the Recital Hall of the National Theater Concert Hall, Taipei. Evolutionality was commissioned by Sonare Symphony Orchestra for the occasion. The concert was part of the the concert series "An Exploration of the Formosa," which presented the music of Taiwanese young composers.


Nov.12 2009

Gamelan composition Reverberation Performed at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention, Indianapolis, IN, USA


Apr.16 2009

Electro-Acoustic composition Hang On A Falling Leaf played at the SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States) International Conference, Fort Wayne, IN, USA


Apr.13 2009

Percussion and Clarinet Duo My Computer Crashes premiered by the composer and Kyle Rowan at the concert "The Clarinet in the 21th century" at UIUC


Dec. 2008




Electro-Acoustic composition Hang On A Falling Leaf is included on the CD "In Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios"


Oct.25-26 2008

Marimba Solo Pure Black Performed by the composer at the Sound Exchange Concert between UIUC and Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL, USA


Oct.12 2008

Percussion duet Uncompression won the first prize in the IronWorks Percussion Duo Commission competition and was performed by IronWorks Percussion Duo in California State University, Long Beach, CA, USA


Jun. 2008

Gamelan ensemble composition Reverberation performed by East-West Gamelan Ensemble, UIUC in Bali, Indonesia


May 1 2008

Article Realizing Algorithmic Music Composition With the Assist of Computer Programming published in Journal of Aesthetic Education, Taipei, Taiwan


Mar. 2008

Personal Recital with friends at UIUC. String Quartet, A Sun Without Heat, conducted by the composer was premiered.


May 2007

String Quartet A Sun Without Heat honorably mentioned in the Litrature-Arts composition competition held by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, R.O.C.


Feb. 2007

Wind band composition Infinity (rev. 2005) selected and performed by Midwest Composers Symposium at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA


Apr. 2006

Received Scholarship of International Study founded by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, R.O.C.


Dec.31 2005

Wind Band composition Infinity (rev. 2005) premiered at Chiayi International Band Festival in Chiayi, Taiwan


Dec. 2004

Marching band program Book of Songs premiered by JingMei Girls High School at the Taipei City Music Competition, winning 2nd place


Mar. 2001
Won FJU Music Department's concerto competition and performed Concertino for Marimba and Winds by Alfred Reed with FJU Music Department Wind Band